Faraday Electronics Chipsets

Details of Faraday Electronics (later Western Digital) chipsets. Mostly derived from:

FE2010A Chipset

A stretch to call this a chipset since it's just one IC: the FE2010A. It can be used to build an IBM PC-compatible ISA system and replaces 71 devices compared to the original IBM mainboard.

FE3400B Chipset

The FE3400B chipset implements almost an entire IBM PC/AT-compatible system in just four chips. It consists of:

The GRiDcase 1520 portable computer uses this chipset. The Grid 1520 requires an external memory controller, and the hardware service course notes that it uses different controllers for 256K and 1M memory chips. They could have used the FE3500B chipset, but perhaps this wasn't available at the time.

The chips do seem to have been made available as they were designed, rather than as one unit:

When was the GRiDcase 1520 launched? Some websites claim 1986 but maybe they're confusing it with the GRiD Compass series. Certainly it was on the market by 1988: Infoworld reviewed it in their 1988-05-16 and 1989-06-05 editions. So it's likely that the use of the FE3400B chipset over the FE3500B is because the latter was not yet available when the 1520 was being designed.

FE3500B Chipset

This consists of the FE3400B chips plus an FE3040 I/O Manager. This extra chip handles clock switching, peripheral chip selects, memory decode, and hot reset support.

FE3600 Chipset

Apparently consisted of four ICs although I can't find anywhere that documents what they are. Product overview document claims that it "supports IBM's OS/2 and LIM 4.0". Therefore I guess it consists of:

FE5300 Chipset

Intended for 80386SX and 80286 MCA-compatible mainboards. Consists of:

FE5400 Chipset

Intended for "high performance" 80386SX and 80286 MCA-compatible computers. Like the FE5300 chipset but also includes the FE5030 memory and cache controller.

FE6500 Chipset

A "high performance" chipset intended for 80386DX MCA-compatible computers. Consists of: